Atskats uz pēdējo Baltijas Biljarda līgas kvalifikācijas posmu

Atskats uz pēdējo Baltijas Biljarda līgas kvalifikācijas posmu 0001

Pagājušajā nedēļā tika aizvadīt pēdējais kvalifikācijas posms Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2011 ietvaros. Šī turnīra disciplīna bija 8-ball.

Once again a great number of participants turned out as 68 players in men and 11 players in womens division participated in the event. Men's event featured such names as Erki Erm and Denis Grabe (Team Olympic-Online) that had just returned from their Asian and European competition tourney. They both needed a spot in the final to qualify for the final event. However the first of them failed in his quest for glory as he lost 7-5 in the quarter
final to Lithuanian Paulius Tamkevićiusele that later lost in the semi final to his fellow countryman Nerius Paśkevicius by a score 7-4. It was the well fancied Lithuanian Leonas Monciuskas that faced Grabe in the other semi final. The race to 7 match was quite a thriller till on the board was score 5-5. It was then that Grabe took the control of the match and finished it off 7-5 to claim a well deserved spot in the final. The very promising final
had all the ingredients of a high quality match - Lithuanian experience against Estonian youth... and a high quality match it turned out to be. Unfortunately for Paśkevicius it was Grabe that showed his quality by crashing the lithuanian by a score of 7-0. Once again Grabe proved that regardless of his young age he is at the moment undoubtedly the best there is in the Baltics. After the match Grabe commented that this year he has made a great leap in his playing quality and although the semi final was quite even the rest of the tournament was quite comfortable wins for him all the way. He added that he can't wait to participate in the final event that is held in his homeclub.

In womens division there were two very interesting semi finals. The first one featured last stage winner latvian Ana Prisjazniuka and estonian Anna Grintśuk. As in Riga last month Prisjazniuka continued her great spell and
won the match 6-2. In the other semi final two lithuanians Agne Jaruśauskaité and Alberta Simkevićiute had to battle out the spot in the final. Jaruśauskaité clearly dominated troughout the match and won 6-3. The womens division final promised to be a great encounter as there were second and third stage winners involved. Both athletes did not let the spectators down and offered an emotional final. The winner was decided when the score
on the board was 5-4 to Jaruśauskaité as Prisjazniuka did not kept her concentration and made a bad foul by pocketing the black ball in the wrong pocket and giving Jaruśauskaité her second win of the qualification stages.
Obviously happy winner commented that she is content with the result although the first day she had some drawbacks. She continued that she is happy to have won over many really strong contenders and she wanted to point out the professional preparation and attitude of her final oponent Ana Prisjazniuka. To sum up Jaruśauskaite promised that there will be a very tough competition to win the final stage.

The Lithuanian stage was the last possibility to qualify for the final stage that is held 12.11-13.11.11 in Estonian capital in Baribal Poolclub. The right to participate in the final event have the 32 best players of the qualification stages. The names may be found here

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